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If You Cry During Movies, It Actually Means You’re Mentally Tough. Here Is Why

The old song Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry was a big hit at one time. It probably brought many who cried during movies out of the closet so to speak. Very often when we are moved by a sad scene in a movie, the tears begin to flow against our will, and we’re often embarrassed by this action of ours. No one wants to be seen as being emotionally weak so we try to hide our tears. However, one will be surprised to know that crying during movies indicates a high level of mental strength. You may wonder how letting go of your emotions is a sign of strength, but when you can empathize with another’s situation, it shows that you are much stronger than you think.
Why empathy is good for you
Being empathetic towards another means that you have the ability to walk in the other person’s shoes for that moment. It automatically makes you more aware of people and situations around you. So when you cry during a movie it shows that you do not lack this skill which is so important in today’s world. People who show empathy have to be mentally tough to be able to switch between emotional states. When you are able to relate to another’s situation it will sharpen your emotional intelligence and help you achieve a high level of success in different areas of your life.
Strong personality traits
Contrary to the negativity attached to crying, research has found that there are more positive traits associated with crying than negatives. People who were easily moved to tears during movies exhibited traits of being extroverted, empathetic, and sensitive with higher self-esteem. People who are mentally tough display high levels of leadership which is in sharp contrast to the image of a weeping woman. These positive traits showed that the person understood that they were worthy of self-respect, which is a sign of mental toughness.

When you are totally immersed in a movie you are naturally moved by the situations that the characters go through. Some people are so engrossed in watching a movie that they actually feel that they are part of what is going on. Quite like having two bodies, one that is physically present in the theater and another that is a bystander in the movie. Researchers say that this conflict of being physically seated and mentally transported to the film can sometimes bring on a feeling of dizziness, more so when one is watching a 3-D film.
If You Cry During Movies, It Actually Means You’re Mentally Tough. Here Is Why If You Cry During Movies, It Actually Means You’re Mentally Tough. Here Is Why Reviewed by Tim on January 27, 2019 Rating: 5

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