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How reading makes you more intelligent and compassionate

The benefits of reading have always been advocated by many who swear by the positive impact that reading has had on their minds. Reading not only broadens the intellect but also makes the reader more empathic towards others.
Today this very important cognitive skill seems to be lost on a large part of the population who are more addicted to their cell phones and social media. Scanning a tweet or forwarding a silly message isn’t going to do much for the brain. In fact, gathering information in under 140 characters is a sign of laziness.
What is even more worrisome today is that in America one-quarter of its children don’t know how to read. Lack of this skill will have far-reaching effects as they will be socially handicapped for life!. A 2009 study of 72 children in the age group of eight to ten revealed that new white matter is created in the brain with reading.
White matter enhances system-wide communication by swiftly processing information between regions of grey matter. So reading will not only increase white matter but will also help in the efficient processing of information.
If you are proficient with languages and enjoy reading in more than one language then the part of your brain that is involved in spatial navigation and absorbing new information will grow too. Besides improving your memory, learning a new language will enhance your communication skills.
A very interesting concept of neuroscience is that language has an effect on the regions of the brain that you’re reading about. Words actually trigger the sensory parts of the brain involved in various actions. For example, if you’re reading about the delicious aroma of baking, the regions of the brain involved in smell are triggered, making reading even more realistic.

When you skim through headlines on fitness you immediately begin to visualize the kind of body that is referred to, toned muscles, a firmer butt, and general fitness. Athletes have been known to visualize various aspects of the sport they play even when they are in a relaxed state because the motor cortex of the brain is activated. That’s probably one of the reasons why experts suggest reading to make you more empathetic towards another.
As you read about various situations that characters in a novel go through, or read a self-help book, you won’t remember everything about the book but many important parts will seep into the psyche. So when a situation does present itself you’ll know how to handle it better. You’ll probably have more empathy towards someone going through a bad time because you have read about it somewhere.
Reading has a very positive impact on emotional intelligence as well as helping with fluid intelligence and comprehension skills. Unconsciously, you’ll begin making more informed decisions and choices for yourself and those around.
Reading is a time-consuming activity but even reading a few pages every day will do wonders for the mind. Indulging in a few poems every day will strengthen your emotional responses. However, there is a difference in the neurological responses to the manner in which we read. When we read for pleasure as opposed to more focused reading there is a difference in how blood flows to different neural areas.
Like any other acquired skill, reading too has to be practiced. One needs to get lost in a book regularly for the benefits of it to show. There’s really nothing more stimulating for the mind than flipping through the pages of a book to get lost in the plot of a good tale.
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