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Ugandan Women Fights back Lazy Husbands With $6 'Sex Tax'

Women in Uganda have come with an innovative yet controversial strategy for making their husbands more serious about their familial responsibilities. If they want sex with their wives, they should pay for it! What started off as a joke has now become a movement with more and more women opting for this method to get their husbands to share the burden of the household expenses.

The trend started about three years ago, when 150 women first reported this strategy of extracting money from their husbands for sex, to the Mothers Union, one of the oldest Anglican organizations in Uganda. Ruth Nalugwa, the body’s secretary, states that by 2016, the number had increased to 5,0000. Currently, more than 30,000 have admitted to employing this strategy, although Stella Muyana, chairperson of Bakazibano, says that the numbers may be greater.
According to her, the women’s rights organization that she runs has recorded more than 31,000 cases!

Quite predictably Ugandan society is divided down the middle. Some religious leaders and government ministers have criticized the movement as being immoral but most women and rights organizations have extended their support. Their argument is that any method that is successful in making husbands more aware of their duties towards the family cannot be wrong.

“If the men are irresponsible and it is the only way their wives can get money from them to run the homes, let them go ahead and tax sex,” says Tina Musuya, executive director of the nonprofit Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP).

For most women, it’s not about so much about the money but about the respect. Some husbands have paid up without a problem like Annet Nanozi’s husband but there have been cases where husbands have beaten up their wives or worse.

Annet Nanozi, a school teacher decided to teach her husband a lesson when he refused to help raise their four children. Rather than helping her run the home, his paycheck was being spent on alcohol and sleeping with barmaids. Ever since she took her stand, he now has to pay her if he wants sex.

For Beatrice Atim, a vendor at Masaka market, it was a winning situation too as her husband pays her without any quarrel. “He knows that the money is to be used at home,” she says.

However, Philip Byabasaija, a shop attendant in Kampala, thinks it’s quite ludicrous for a wife to demand money from her husband for sex. He beat up his wife when she demanded money and she soon gave up the idea. Wife beating is not uncommon in Uganda, and not surprisingly, 18 percent of women who were surveyed felt that they could see the point in husbands beating up their wives for refusing to have sex.

Knowing that the scales are tipped in favor of husbands, women’s organizations have been working hard to educate women through its branches, to get them to explain to their husband’s that this is not a challenge, but in favor of family interests. 
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  1. Now (perhaps) we will understand why such high percentage of African-American families are dysfunctional. A woman with many children fathered by different men. Sorry, but it comes in the genes.


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