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No one is 100% straight: Research says sexuality is a 'spectrum'

We all grow up being told about our gender. We are either male or female and we live in a world where we are told we must be attracted to the opposite sex. Over the last generation, people have become much more liberated and we are now a lot more understanding about homosexuality, although there is still some stigma attached to homosexuality in certain countries, cultures, and religions.

 The interesting thing is - no single person is ‘just straight.’ We may have been conditioned to thinking we are just one thing or another - heterosexual - but studies show that strictly heterosexual people are a myth. They don’t exist. We have been conditioned to thinking we are straight and so we learn ‘not to look’ or ‘not to acknowledge our feelings.’

But they are there, and you have them too! Ritch Savin-Williams who is a specialist in gender studies has written a new book on sexuality says his studies and research show that almost all of us ‘get turned on’ by all genders. Our bodies get aroused and our brains get aroused, no matter which gender we identify with.

Total heterosexuality is not the norm at all, it’s just that we have been told that it is the norm. We live in a world today that is a lot more open and fluid in the way it thinks about gender. People today have more courage exploring and having liaisons with people of the same sex as they are, without it being ‘taboo.’
Again, this depends on culture, country, and religion, as in many countries homosexuality is seen as a crime. Think about it next time you look at or appreciate someone who is the same sex as you? Are you even just slightly aroused? We think you may well be.

No one is 100% straight: Research says sexuality is a 'spectrum' No one is 100% straight: Research says sexuality is a 'spectrum' Reviewed by Tim on December 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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