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New research says Lonely Introverts Are Natural Born Social Psychologists

There has been a lot of discussions lately about extroverts and introverts.  An extrovert is somebody who is outgoing, loves to be the center of attraction and does not hold back.  An introvert takes their time, is a lot quieter, perhaps a little more reflective and is certainly a more intense thinker.

This is why Yale studies have shown that it is introverted who make excellent psychologists!   Somebody who is introverted is often better at listening, thinking clearly and then analyzing.  

Cognitive curiosity, a cognitive ability which means intelligence, together with thought and kindness, result in strong social psychological skills.  Studies have shown that the people who think and act with care in social situations are more likely to listen well, consider what they are hearing, and come up with good answers or advice to people who may need that.  Extroverts, who usually act quickly, impulsively and loudly, even though they could be super bright, may not act with full consideration.  

Yale University researchers conducted various studies.  They:-

Assessed if individual differences in social psychological skill exist.

Examined which psychological variables predict social psychological skill. 

Looked at the participant's sciences test-taking skills.

Assessed if psychological skills relate to skill at intuitive levels.

Tested whether psychological skill relates to judgments about the cause of another individual’s actions.

A good psychologist undergoes intensive training.  A good psychologist is not born, they are trained, they study, they practice and they develop their skills.  A good psychologist may well be the life and soul of a party, an extrovert, but the Yale studies seem to lean towards introverts making better psychologists. 

If you are born an introvert, you are not necessarily going to be a psychologist but chances are you will always make a good friend with good listening skills and a lot of empathy.
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