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People want a reality show where flat earthers hunt for the edge of the world

It’s the age old question: is the earth flat or round? Well, technically, this issue has been resolved a long time ago, during the time of the Greeks. This was verified when Ferdinand Magellan first circumnavigated the world in 1522. However, it has been a well-known fact that the earth is spherical for more than a thousand years now.

There have been many scientific evidences that point to the fact that the earth has a round or spherical shape. From the very moment that voyagers have traversed the entire cycle of the globe, there has been no doubt that the earth is indeed round. But there are still so many detractors which have been growing by 200 people since 2009.

They are saying that the earth is actually flat and all the satellite photos, scientific data and other publications made by scientists and other government agencies have all been fabricated. This is considered as the ultimate conspiracy theory. No matter how we slice the cake, these people, out of pure stubbornness, reject the idea that one can travel around the globe without falling off its edge.

A few of the ideas that flat-earth theorists believe in is the fact that the earth is a disc with the Arctic Circle at the center. On the edge of this disc stands the 150-foot tall wall of ice, that is, Antarctica. Much like the conspiracy theory that the US never actually went to the moon and instead, all the photo evidence of astronauts walking on the moon were actually taken in Area 51 or some other desolate place in America, flat-earth believers say that NASA employees are guarding this wall of ice to keep everyone safely at bay and make sure that nobody falls off the disc.

They also believe that the sun and moon are actually spherical objects that rotate and revolve around 3,000 miles above the disc. This would explain why we have 24-hour days and these celestial bodies take turns in order to give us night and day. While the stars move at around 3,100 miles over the plane. For other natural phenomena like lunar eclipses, they say there is such a thing as an “antimoon” which blocks the moon’s view from time to time.

It even gets crazier. Flat-earth believers say that there is no such thing as gravity rather, the earth plane accelerates upward at 32 feet per second squared, caused by an unknown force called dark energy. And of course, whenever they see photos about the globe being shown as a round heavenly body, rotating on its axis, and revolving around the sun, they say it is photoshopped.

It is not only that but their concept of GPS devices differs from what we generally believe these devices represent. For them, pilots have it the other way around and that they are not really flying from one point to another on a linear path around a sphere, rather they are flying in circles over a disc.

Finally, they posit that there must be a hidden agenda for governments to deceive the public with all this scientific information and say that the true shape of the earth is round. The best reason they could come up with was that it must have something to do with the global economy.

For some reason, the flat-earthers still hold to these beliefs and there are more people becoming convinced that there might be some credence to these ideas and “theories” despite the lack of evidence. As they continue to propagate such ideas and persuade people to believe in generally accepted principles, laws, and facts of science, a few internet users gave suggestions on how to settle the dispute.

Somebody from Reddit sparked an ingenious solution for this debacle. Simply put, they should make a reality show that would finally satisfy the flat-earth believers. The premise of the show would be that flat-earthers would essentially go on a treasure hunt to find the “edge” of the world. Though they believe that there is a massive wall of ice that stands between them and the edge of the world, redditors propose that they go to the north and south poles to see for themselves.
People want a reality show where flat earthers hunt for the edge of the world People want a reality show where flat earthers hunt for the edge of the world Reviewed by Jeremiah Evangelista on November 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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