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Artist loses his virginity to a space alien. Now he paints about it

David Huggins mentioned in his documentary called “Love and Saucers” that he lost his virginity at the age 17 to a female extraterrestrial being in 1961 on a farm in Georgia. Huggins, who is now 74 claimed that he had been seeing aliens since he was eight years old in the woods. His sexual encounters with the aliens span into adulthood.
Unlike other truthers and UFO lovers, Huggins is not looking for fame or money. He talks about his experience in a casual manner and doesn’t have a care if people will believe or not. He also talks about having alien babies.
Filmmaker Brad Abrahams heard of Huggins story and tracked him down. Huggins originally thought he was losing it when the strange creatures started appearing. Though scared at first, he didn’t feel threatened.

The first painting that Huggins created is about him having sex with Crescent. He admitted that the painting is not good, but conveys the message he wants people to see.

Huggins started painting his encounters in 1987 when he started remembering things as triggered by the book “Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods” by Budd Hopkins.

Painting the encounters helped Huggins achieve the peace he was craving. His documentary both contains his personal story and the facts from his neighbors.
Professor of Philosophy Jeffrey Kripal at the Rice University in Texas believes in Huggin’s story. Kripal studies mysticism, alien abduction, and religion. He said that Huggin’s story coincides with some old descriptions about human encounter with the sacred.

What is important is Huggin’s believe his story to be all true. He was able to explain things that most people cannot understand regarding aliens. He does believe that aliens communicate mostly with children because they have open minds that accept new things.

Artist loses his virginity to a space alien. Now he paints about it Artist loses his virginity to a space alien. Now he paints about it Reviewed by Tim on November 24, 2018 Rating: 5

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