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8 times a man will deeply regret losing a good woman

We all want to love and be loved so we try to look for the right guy or the right girl who would be our perfect fit, the soul mate that complements us and with whom we click and find a connection or a spark that ignites into a full-bloom romance.

Relationships like those usually tend to be found in movies or TV but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t happen in real life. In fact, they may happen more often than you may think. However, as with any relationship, it’s not always perfect. Men and women are different and it takes a whole lot of energy, time, and effort in order to understand the opposite sex.

Men usually have a tough time trying to figure out what their lady wants or needs from them and they would often make mistakes trying to satisfy those needs. Often, couples would have arguments and fights with each other. But that’s a normal thing for any relationship, as long as men do not commit a mistake that they would regret forever.

When you have found the person who would put up with you and love you no matter who you are or what kind of habits you have, or other things that you have done, then you must have a keeper. Once you have that person in your arms, never let them go! So ladies, now is the perfect time to feel vindicated. And for you men, take note of these eight instances when you would feel the pain of letting go of the right woman for you.

When he sees that no one loves him like you did

Having different personalities and preferences would make one think that there must be a lot of other fish in the sea. For men, it must be a comforting thought that you can always try and look for another girl when one relationship doesn’t work out. But the guy might realize that the reason why things aren’t working out is not because of the girl he are with, but it might be on him.

When girls enter a relationship, there is a greater chance that they’re not in it casually but rather they are looking toward a long-term commitment in their relationship. Choosing the right man for them is not about the looks or the status but it is about how they are able to connect with them emotionally. If they don’t feel that their guy reciprocates their love, it will show and it might suggest that there is a deep issue that needs to be resolved in the guy.

Men will not always find that girls would just throw themselves on you and hope that out of all the girls, they would find the right one. That’s not how relationships work.

When he notices the selfishness in the world

Having said that, even though a man may want to reform his behavior and change his ways, he might soon realize that not all people have the kind of self-sacrificing love that his girl gave him.

He may not have noticed because he himself was too preoccupied in satisfying his own needs and self-interests that when the time came for him to take things seriously, he would find out that there were more people like him out there in the world than he thought.

When he meets someone who values money over love

One of those self-interests may actually be in the form of money. There are definitely people out there who could be considered gold diggers. They don’t really care how old or how young you are, but because they can get what they want just by being with you then they just have to fake it until they make it.

When a guy realizes that there are people out there who are not at all interested with who they are and instead they simply want to be attached to them because of their fame or fortune, once that thought settles in and they learn the harsh truth about human nature, it becomes an emotionally harrowing experience.

When he has no one he can really talk to

Being the kind of guy who is so self-absorbed and self-centered would turn off other people and push them away. Once a guy finds that the girl he was with actually listened and cared about his worries and concerns, he would become aware that he is a very lonely man. Having no one to turn to can make him feel that he should have treated other people nicely starting with his girl.

When he realizes that a real connection is rare

And this is where it all boils down to when it comes to relationships. You can only have a genuine bond with someone else if you are able to connect with them on a deep level. That takes a lot of time to develop and build that level of trust which may not be as possible for a lot of people especially in today’s fast-paced culture. It is also a two-way relationship, where both parties give and receive.

When a good times isn’t enough any more

At some point in people’s lives, they would find that having fun and going on crazy parties is not fun at all. It would become dull, pointless, and meaningless, and so lose interest in it. That’s when having a meaningful relationship where you are both able to share your lives with each other comes into the limelight.

The importance of having a relationship with someone is not that you are having a good time but that you are able to spend time with each other, whether it be in the good or the bad times. People would soon grow out of casual relationships. Only immature men would continue to seek such empty pursuits.

When he sees how patient you were

In any kind of relationship, tension and conflict will arise because of the clashing personalities between two people. Not everyone can put up with other people’s behavior and guys can do very reckless and intolerable acts. Once he sees how a girl was able to love him despite his flaws, he would realize the mistake that he made about letting her go.

When he realizes that friends aren’t enough

Friends are great to have around for a good time but you can’t always be intimate with your friends. A partner is someone with whom you can show and reveal your ugliest side, strip all your fa├žade off, and become vulnerable to the core. This isn’t something that one’s friends can always do. It is a special aspect of yourself that you can only be comfortable baring in front of the one whom you truly love and who truly loves you.

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